Laboratory Diagnostics

Laboratory Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostics laboratory Centrālā laboratorija is the cooperation partner of AIWA Clinic, providing all the necessary services of laboratory tests.

"Centrālā laboratorija" has been active since 1994 and is the second largest laboratory in Latvia. In 2011 it was accredited in accordance with the standard LVS EN ISO 15189:2013 requirements. Taking into account the use of modern equipment, the latest technologies, qualified staff, lengthy work experience and very strict internal quality control, laboratory tests are performed at the highest level and ensure quick and accurate results.

    AIWA Clinic offers the following tests:
  • Detailed general (clinical) blood test;
  • Urine test;
  • Coagulation test;
  • Biochemical blood tests;
  • Hormone, tumour markers and autoimmune disease tests;
  • Standard immunological tests;
  • Standard bacteriological and microscopic tests for infectious diseases;
  • Allergy tests for food intolerance;
  • Cytological, histological and other tests.

All measures of diagnostics are performed in one clinic. Tests and examinations can be performed in clinical facilities in the duration of 1–3 days as part of the express diagnostics programmes (Check-up and Screening programmes).

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