Visual Diagnostics

Visual Diagnostics

AIWA Clinic professionals perform visual diagnostics using the most up-to-date technologies, therefore the examinations are minimally invasive and safe for the patient. At the same time, the medical practitioner receives exhaustive information about the patient’s health condition resulting in an accurate diagnosis.

    AIWA Clinic offers a variety of examinations:
  • magnetic resonance (Signa 1.5 Excite HDX),
  • computer tomography (Siemens Somatom Definition),
  • 3D ultrasonography and dopplerography, as well as additional equipment for special examinations,
  • digital radiography.
patient undergoing MRI procedure

AIWA Clinic diagnostics department offers the new generation ultrasound examinations including dopplerography (Duplex).

Overall diagnostics - check-up programmes take place in clinical facilities for the duration of 1-2 days.

Check-up Programmes

Check-up programmes – the patient is medically examined in the duration of 1-2 days; the medical practitioner elaborates an individual treatment plan and gives all the necessary recommendations.

Computer Tomography

Computer tomography is a method of X-radiography, which is more accurate and informative than the ordinary X-ray image. The examination is not painful and unpleasant to the patient.

Digital X-radiography

Digital X-radiography – X-ray examination with a considerably decreased dose of radiation.

AIWA Clinic, Digital X-radiography equipment

Dopplerography (Duplex)

Dopplerography (Duplex) – examination of blood vessels with ultrasound. The equipment shows not only the anatomic images of the respective structures, but also records the direction and speed of blood flow allowing to draw conclusions about the changes induced by diseases in the blood vessels, as well as their functional condition. The examination method has no restrictions and contraindications. It is absolutely painless and harmless for a patient, because it is not related to the ionizing radiation, therefore examinations can be performed for as many times as needed and at any age.

Magnetic Resonance

Magnetic resonance (MR) is one of the latest and most perspective methods of medical examination. With the help of MR scanner it is possible to produce high-resolution 3D images of organs. On most occasions, this examination results in an accurate diagnosis. During the magnetic resonance examination a patient is not subjected to the impact of X-rays.


Ultrasonography (USG) – harmless, fast and painless examination, where medical imaging is achieved with the help of high frequency waves (ultrasound). USG can be used during pregnancy with no risk or harm.

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