Lumenis M22 Platform

Lumenis M22 Platform

PhotoFractional skin rejuvenation

An unique combination of IPL and Erbium laser in one treatment procedure — PhotoFractional skin rejuvenation with an anti-ageing effect and improved skin tone.

Why should you choose PhotoFractional?

  • Investment in maintaining good skin because your skin is a permanent value, whereas skin care products provide only a temporary solution
  • PhotoFractional evens out your complexion, makes your facial skin smoother and stimulates new collagen production
  • Non-traumatic and quick treatment with no side effects and short post-treatment recovery period

What can you expect from PhotoFractional?

  • Very short post-treatment recovery period thanks to the non-traumatic character of this treatment that does not cause a risk of infection like it may happen with many other technologies
  • The best results are normally observed after 3–5 treatment sessions with 4–6 weeks’ interval in-between the sessions
  • Gradual change of skin tone can be noticed already after a few weeks, whereas production of new collagen – in three months’ time. The result is a facelift and radiance of facial skin

Acne vulgaris treatment

Why IPL module should be used for acne vulgaris treatment?

  • Possibility to target simultaneously P. acne bacteria, skin pigmentation and erythema
  • Treatment is very quick, with shorter recovery period, and the results can be achieved much faster than, for example, in case of using medication
  • Improves your complexion only after a few treatment sessions

What can you expect from acne treatment with an IPL?

  • Visible results may be expected after 4–6 treatment sessions with 4 weeks’ interval in-between the sessions
  • Straight after the treatment, you may notice some skin redness which normally disappears in a few hour. In most cases patients can use their usual skin care products and carry on with their daily activities

Erbium laser resurfacing

Rosacea treatment

Elimination of post-acne effects


Vascular treatment

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