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Lutronic Alexandrite Laser

Laser hair removal

The Alexandrite laser is the most efficient laser hair removal equipment that ensures the best results. It makes the hair removal process less traumatic, faster and less painful. The built-in cooling technology prevents excessive heating of the skin and ensures particularly comfortable feeling during the treatment session.


Photorejuvenation is an innovative and efficient treatment method to prevent skin ageing. The photorejuvenation of skin with the use of Alexandrite laser is a non-traumatic procedure that helps to restore homogeneous complexion, the skin becomes smoother and firmer, and it also stimulates collagen synthesis.

Pigmented lesion removal

Emergence of pigmented lesions may be caused by many different factors such as tanning or photoaging, pregnancy and others. Today, laser treatment is the most effective method to remove skin pigmentation. It is crucial to perform preliminary examination and diagnostics of the specific pigmented lesion. Following diagnostic examination and assessment of the potential risks, our experienced medical professionals will suggest you the most effective and gentle methods for removing pigmented lesions.

The main advantages of pigmentation removal with the help of Alexandrite laser include:

  • quick and effective result
  • short post-treatment recovery period
  • Alexandrite laser also stimulates collagen synthesis during the treatment

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