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About us

  • Highly qualified specialist 
  • Modern technologies in surgery
  • Medical care and treatment corresponding to international standards
  • Diagnostics, the widest range of surgeries and postoperative rehabilitation in one place 
  • Cosy atmosphere, luxury overnight rooms 

Aiwa Clinic is designed following the conception of the best medical institutions in Europe. Our patients can feel at home in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and stay in hotel-type overnight rooms. Aiwa Clinic provides state-of-the-art medical care offering professional medial services by more than 50 best practising specialists in Latvia.

This is the first multiprofile private clinic of surgery in Latvia, which along with general surgery offers otolaryngology, traumatology, orthopaedy, gynaecology, proctology, urology, as well as eye surgery performing both cataract removal and eyelid plastic surgeries. The specialists of the clinic also carry out complicated and minimally invasive surgeries applying innovative technologies in endoscopy and laser surgery.

"Our clinic focuses on the needs of patients and our key goal is making sure that our patients are satisfied with everything."

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