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    Medrefund LTD – private treatment abroad refunded by the NHS

    If you reside in the United Kingdom, you may retrieve the money you have spent for healthcare services received in Latvia!

    MedRefund that helps the residents of the United Kingdom to complete all formalities to reimburse money spent on medical services received in Latvia and other countries of the European Union (EU).

    In accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom, every person legally residing in this country has the right to choose a medical services provider not only in the UK but in any other EU country as well. When receiving treatment outside the United Kingdom, its residents have the right to retrieve the money spent on healthcare.

    The residents of United Kingdom may get treatment in Latvia as well, and receive refund from their country of residence – in the same amount that the National Health Service (NHS) would pay to healthcare personnel for a specific service in the United Kingdom. In Latvia, the costs of medical services are lower than in the United Kingdom even in private healthcare facilities.

    Understanding that it may be complicated to complete all the necessary formalities with no outside help, we inform our patients about the possibility to use the assistance of MedRefund. Over a period of years MedRefund have helped numerous patients who have received private treatment abroad, at least partially refund the money paid for medical services received abroad.

    In situations when the NHS waiting times for operation is not acceptable for you, you can choose to receive medical servicies it in the only private multiprofile private clinic AIWA Clinic in Latvia and you can be approved for reimbursement of medical expenses. To find out how can you can get reimbursement you have spent or are planning to spend for medical service at first multiprofile private clinic of surgery in Latvia (doctors’ visit, medical examinations, surgery, rehabilitation), please, contact MedRefund:

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