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CO2RE Syneron Candela

CO2RE laser consists of a surgical module which is intended for removing various skin lesions, and a fractional module which may be used for skin resurfacing, correction of scars and stretch marks etc.

Fractional laser CO2RE is an ideal solution for resurfacing skin in the facial, neck and décolleté area, reducing scars and wrinkles, removing various skin surface formations, restoring homogeneous complexion and eliminating other skin problems.

Thanks to the hi-tech solutions used in this device, visible results can be achieved even with the first treatment.

CO2RE is produced by Syneron-Candela, a U.S.-based company and the leading manufacturer of medical laser equipment.

CO2RE equipment

CO2RE laser resurfaces the skin by fractions, namely, millions of microscopic laser beams remove the old skin tissues or damaged skin cells without affecting the surrounding healthy cells that stimulates faster healing of the treated area and growth of new, healthy skin cells.

The uniqueness of fractional laser CO2RE lies in its ability to create two waves that way restoring the upper or deeper layers of skin, or simultaneously resurfacing all layers. Another significant advantage of CO2RE is its multi-functionality that allows to resolve all skin-related problems with a single device. For example, the unique CO2RE fusion method offers simultaneous treatment of the deeper skin layers and epidermis during the same treatment session.

    Improvements offered by CO2RE laser:
  • Removal of moles and other benign skin lesions
  • Correction of stretch marks
  • Facial skin renewal – removing wrinkles and smoothing the skin
  • Restoration of homogeneous complexion and skin elasticity

Correction of stretch marks

Why would you choose CO2RE for corrective treatment of stretch marks?

  • Considerably reduces the visible stretch marks on belly, hips, thighs and breasts
  • Effectively targets both recent and old stretch marks
  • Very short recovery period that is a crucial aspect in today’s busy life
  • As a result of the treatment, your self-esteem will sky-rocket and you won’t have to worry about your appearance anymore

Laser removal of moles and other benign skin lesions

Removal of moles and other benign skin lesions with the help of a laser is an easy and quick option to avoid surgical interventions, stitches and long recovery periods. It should only be noted that preliminary consultation with a doctor and examination of the formation are required to make sure that such formation may be removed by laser treatment. The main advantages of laser removal of benign skin lesions include:

  • time-saving (session may last only a few minutes)
  • quick healing process
  • no need for stitches
  • no impact on the surrounding tissues (a laser beam treats only the specific formation)
  • relatively painless treatment

PhotoFractional skin rejuvenation

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