AIWA Clinic’s range of services also includes gynaecology and gynaecological operations and procedures. Therefore, reproductive health problems can now be resolved quickly and effectively. Operations are conducted using contemporary surgical methods, thus making it possible to reduce post-operation consequences.

Gynaecology not only includes prophylaxis and pregnancy supervision, but also involves the active treatment of illnesses. Medicinal therapy is not always appropriate. In many instances, surgical intervention is required to resolve a woman’s reproductive health problems, which can occasionally even endanger her life, affecting her ability to bear and give birth to children, causing discomfort and pain.

Gynaecology is a delicate field of medicine, and therefore patients prefer to choose highly-qualified specialists they can trust, who possess an expert knowledge of the latest diagnostic and treatment methods in gynaecology.

  • Our clinic meets these criteria in full, because professional doctors work with modern apparatus, offering a caring and effective solution to reproductive health problems.
  • The comfort that AIWA Clinic is of equal importance. At the clinic, our patients can feel comfortable and at ease in reassuring knowledge that attentive care is always available. This reduces their anxiety about their forthcoming treatment, allowing them to relax, because the clinic’s premises are designed according to the highest standards of comfort.

gynecologist consultation

Gynaecological illnesses can develop, because of various factors. Therefore, it is best that the situation is assessed by a professional gynaecologist, who will provide the appropriate diagnosis. A decision regarding the most appropriate treatment can only be reached after the results of all examinations and analyses have been obtained, if necessary also entailing an operation.

Medicine is rapidly developing in all fields and gynaecology is no exception. The world’s leading specialists and clinics, which conduct studies and develop the very latest treatment methods pass on their experience to their colleagues throughout the world. Contemporary and minimally invasive treatment in gynaecology is particularly important, in order to ensure that the consequence of surgical intervention are as minimal as possible, and so that the patient’s reproductive functions are neither reduced nor affected. The AIWA Clinic uses the latest methods and best apparatus, providing high quality gynaecological operations.

A woman’s reproductive health and is an important part of public health as a whole, because it influences the next generation’s health, birth rates, as well as invariably influencing how a woman feels in her own body and fulfil her feminine potential. In providing contemporary care, gynaecology fulfils a very important role in the prophylaxis and treatment of a woman’s health.

  • Uterine cavity abrasion (diagnostic and remedial)
  • Legal abortions, including complicated gynaecological anamnesis
  • Bartolini gland cyst removal
  • Hysterocopy
  • Hystero-resection
  • Diagnostic gynaecological laparoscopy
  • Ovary laparoscopy
  • Fallopian tube permeability control
  • Uterine laparoscopy
  • Adhesion separation (laparoscopic)

Bartolini gland cyst removal

Bartolini gland cyst removal is the most effective way of treating this cyst, which moisturizes the vagina, because infections that turn into a cyst are an illness often suffered by sexually active women. 


Hystero-resection is a medical procedure that takes place under general anaesthetic, because of a need to expand the neck of the uterus. The procedure involves the use of a rigid hysteroscope which is bigger in size. An operation can effectively and precisely remove polyps and the endometrium, as well as to separate adhesions and perform other required procedures.


Hysteroscopy is conducted with a small optical and elastic instruments, which makes it possible to obtain video images from the uterine cavity, thus ascertaining pathologies and making to possible for a precise diagnosis to be made. The procedure does not require anaesthesia.


Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive examination and medical treatment method during a laparoscope is inserted through a small incision in the wall of the abdomen. This method makes it possible to make a precise diagnosis in cases involving a wide range of gynaecological diagnoses. If necessary, laparoscopy is used to conduct a medical procedure involving the removal of a cyst or separation of adhesions. During the examination, tissue samples to be delivered for further analysis can also be taken.

  • Diagnostic gynaecological laparoscopy
  • Ovary laparoscopy
  • Fallopian tube permeability control
  • Uterine laparoscopy
  • Adhesion separation (laparoscopic)

Pregnancy termination

Pregnancy termination (abortion) at the clinic is provided in accordance with the procedures stipulated by legislation, providing women with full information including potential consequences for health. Pregnancy terminations are also conducted at the clinic for patients with a complicated gynaecological anamnesis.

Uterine cavity abrasion

Uterine cavity abrasion is a treatment during which tissue samples are taken from the uterus and the cervical canal. The samples obtained are subsequently analysed. An abrasion may also be carried out to relieve the uterus of malignant growths. This treatment provides materials for a histological examination, which is vital for obtaining a precise diagnosis.
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